Author: Cesar Mattar

The oldest currency of Bulgaria

Near the town of Sozopol has been found a coin that is now considered as the oldest ever found to date in Bulgaria. 
An anonymous diver found the coin at a depth of only 1 meter and handed it to the director of the National History Museum (NHM, for its acronym in English) in Sofia, Bozhidar Dimitrov. 
According to Vladimir Penchev, numismatist the NHM, the currency of electrum (an alloy of gold and silver) can be traced to the second half of the seventh century BC and, most likely, was coined in the kingdom of Lydia, which means you have at least 2650 years old, reports the Bulgarian news agency Novinite. 
According to Penchev, it is believed that Lidia, located in the west of the peninsula of Anatolia, were the first coins minted in the history of civilization.

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