How the portal works?

The main objective of the portal is to present and protect the historical and cultural heritage of Romania-Bulgaria border area. The portal ensures full access, via Internet, to information and materials about Romanian and Bulgarian’s culture – in the cross-border area, in the two countries and outside their borders.

The remote exchange of knowledge, skills and experience will define the possibility for sustainability and multiplication of the joint development of social activities in long-term period, foreseen by the project.
Unlimited number of historical and cultural institutions and representatives of the target groups can participate and join in the portal by sharing their knowledge, skills and experience.

The portal includes tri-lingual content of the information – in Romanian, Bulgarian and English. 

It gives unlimited access to people from and outside cross-border area and reached out audience with and within the geographic boundaries of the cross-border area.

The information for the two target regions is divided in categories - history, culture, literature, architecture, archeology, traditions and folklore.

There is also an interactive module developed especially to be attractive and easily understandable where people can test and see the level of their knowledge in selected areas.

The portal is developed by using the most advanced information technologies and it is built in a modular structure that allow at any time the inclusion of additional modules and functionalities (for example, virtual conferences, knowledge exchange boards, virtual debates and etc.).